A journey began circa 2012 when Noon Arts, a small private arts foundation, was established to explore the new burgeoning Libyan arts scene that was born out of the revolutionary spirit and that heralded a new creative movement. The aim of Noon Arts was to spot and nurture the work of talented local artists and bring it to the international stage.

Founded by Najlaa El-Ageli, Noon Arts was her passionate endeavour that curated nine successful international exhibitions held in London (UK), Malta, Tripoli (Libya) and California (US). Collaborating with respected arts venues and in association with the London-based ‘Shubbak Festival’ and ‘The Nour Festival’, Libyan art was offered the space it deserved by exhibiting it to a savvy global audience.

With the vital support and sponsorship from the British Council, the German Embassy in Libya, the Corinthia Group, the Medavia Airlines and other private funders, each exhibition received excellent feedback from attendees and positive media coverage. A big project also came in 2015 when Noon Arts was commissioned to curate the Imago Mundi Libya catalogue for the Benetton Foundation based in Italy. The completed and recently published catalogue will now be touring the world for years to come.

Respected for the quality of her exhibitions through Noon Arts, Najlaa was soon offered projects to curate the work of artists who hail from the wider MENA region. One of these invitations led to the ‘Textural Threads’ exhibition in London that was done in collaboration with Arts Canteen and brought the work of six emerging female artists from the Arab world. It took place as part of the Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival in March 2016.

Working as a freelancer from a London base at the moment - a city that hosts a most thriving Arab arts and culture scene - Najlaa hopes to continue to source the best of both emerging and established artwork from Libya as well as the diverse terrain that is the MENA region and its many diaspora communities spread across the Western world. Not limited to any art form, expect her exhibitions to surprise, delight and inform you with each new project.

Najlaa, who is an architect (AA Dip), is also a member of the London Print Studio Trustee Board and was selected to be a member of the jury for ‘The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) for the Visual Arts Grants Scheme’ in 2016.